back home…

3 Jan

…and after a long break, i’m back here. over these last couple of weeks i was completely wrapped up in everything going on – i lost track of hours and days and was thankful to be able to spend a lot of time away from home, in the houses of our families – where you can’t help but just sit and relax or do a puzzle or eat and eat. that was lovely. we had our first christmas/gift opening experience with a child who is know fully in the know about presents (and never wants it to end…never) and as a result have quite a few more play things squeezed into the corners of our rooms. we spent our new year’s eve at a family wedding, eating the most delicious food and watching the last of trevor’s siblings get married. that was lovely too.

and like a lot of people after the rush of the season i was kind of just wishing to take the weekend off. you know, watch movies all day. but yesterday i had a ‘be careful what you wish for’ moment, when in fact we did get to spend the whole day watching movies – but it came at the cost of the littlest of us getting a nasty flu. so today i was thankful for my mom’s soup in the fridge and on-site laundry and streaming video. it actually brought back a lot of memories of holding e for hours and hours as a baby, watching tv, watching the hours go by. funny how things change.

i hope the last weeks have been good to you all – happy first week of the year~


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