in the wee hours…

17 Dec

6:00 am…wake up (totally unusual for us. we are late risers, this whole family. in the winter, we like to see at least 9:00 on our alarm clocks thank you!)

…spend the rest of the day: cleaning the fridge/realizing there is no food, making applesauce from wrinkly apples, finishing christmas things/ticking things wildly off my to-do list (yessss), making slow cooker chili (i’m loving loving the slow cooker lately. how great is it to get to that ‘panic time’ of the day and not have to make supper. genius.), hit the thrift stores with e, all the while carrying and protecting a ‘pretend baby’ that she’s decided to bring along, sit in front of the big window at the bakery while our boots drip on the floor – eating bear shaped jam-jams, run at the gym while watching mostly commercials (and i’m so thankful for streaming video, once again), look forward to a day tomorrow, that hopefully will not start at 6 am.


One Response to “in the wee hours…”

  1. appa December 17, 2010 at 9:46 pm #

    those are very sweet eyes peeking over the side of the tubby

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