a few less…

30 Nov

…i found this box of my old trolls at my parent’s house and gifted them to ella. i truly loved these things as a child, and i’m sure i planned to keep them to give to my kids. you know, the strange part is that it actually happened. and then i got all nostalgic about them (and i swear, today when i discovered that one troll’s pleather booties were flaking off after only a couple days of play – and 15 years in a box, hmmm – i almost put it away not to be wrecked further. then i stopped myself, because that would be crazy.)

anyway, it really got me thinking about toys – and today i felt in one of those there’s-altogether-too-much-stuff-in-this-house sort of moods and so i emptied out all of e’s toy baskets and drawers and sorted (how did there get to be so many? i swear i was trying to be conscious!). i was actually really surprised – i probably cleared out at least half of them. i put a bunch in the donate pile and a small bag just went into the basement. i keep a garbage bag of toys that aren’t played with downstairs, and if e notices that a specific toy is missing from her play, i’ll go dig it out of the bag. if not, eventually the things in the bag get donated or switched out. it’s worked so far to keep the volume of toys at bay.

and i think one of the main things i noticed was how many toys were around because i wanted ella to play with them, not because she was particularly drawn to them. often this is because they’re handmade and i just can’t part with them. it’s kind of strange the way we get so involved in our kids’ stuff. anyway, i’m going to try and keep the toy drawers junk free and be mindful of what she is enjoying at the moment. less is more, i do believe.



2 Responses to “a few less…”

  1. s December 1, 2010 at 4:33 am #

    remember when we got out your trolls and lined them all up at the bottom of the basement stairs, just to freak out t? xoxoxoxo i love that ella has them, now.

  2. Joy December 1, 2010 at 2:25 pm #

    I see that Ella has made some lovely beds for these little strange creatures. I wonder just what about them is so endearing?

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