at the show…

16 Nov

…this photo is from the indie craft fair that i was a part of this past weekend. i forgot to take pictures of all the loot i brought there – but by the end of the day i had sold all my plush dolls, animals, and creatures and many of the other goodies i brought. it was so so lovely. this was the first year this particular show was put on, so no one was really sure what to expect – but it was busy almost all day, with plenty of moments to visit with the other crafters there.

and of course, things like this always bring up different business topics for me – especially the whole idea of how i price the things i make. i guess for me, i feel like i would rather keep prices low and have my things out in the world. with that said, i pay myself a pretty generous hourly rate, but i am also a fast sewer – and so i factor all that practice and experience in there somewhere. i like to price things according to what i would like to pay for them, while still making it worth my energy. and though i’m called on it over and over – i feel like i’m doing the right thing for me, and that’s all i have to worry about…

the day took place in the studio space of these sweet folks at waldensweet design, and the room couldn’t have been more festive with these lovely paper garlands strung up all along the ceiling. i saw them and instantly wanted them for my house (luckily, i just happen to have some stacks of colored paper around here somewhere) – i definitely feel some christmas decorating coming on.

(this isn’t doing it justice. it was cool)

and a shout out to some of the other wonderful people there –

carol epp ceramics (and beautiful kids things!), cathy terepocki – horn of plenty ceramics, shauna buck illustrations, chelly rae – and so many others. thanks for a great sale!


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