e’s collection…

3 Nov

…little e started this collection of animals. i swear, it started with just one – a little tiger that she fought hard for at the bookstore. and surprisingly, that tiger never got lost – he rode around in pockets and backpacks…and is still around after being joined by so (so) many more. we’ve gotten bags of these at the thrift store and picked up a big goat or horse here and there. and it’s true, collections make thrifting more fun.

…and sometimes i will come into the living room and the entire fleet of animals will be set up in a big line, biggest to smallest or in colors. and i am actually amazed at how kids work and organize and what makes sense to them. ella’s favorite part though, is putting all the animals in their ‘families’ and building them houses. of course. just like real life…right?

and how do i feel about these little toys being plastic and cluttering up my living room? i don’t care. they are hours of entertainment and few other toys have been touched since. i’m happy to help clean them up after a day of play…

…what’s getting collected at your house??…


One Response to “e’s collection…”

  1. Joy Jarrett November 4, 2010 at 4:07 am #

    Those pigs have got to be my favorite!!!! Keep on collecting Miss Ella!

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