29 Oct

…what i really wanted to do today was have a china-cabinet-becomes-fabric-cabinet big reveal. well, it was not to be. and so, my sewing room/our closet/the walkway to our upstairs is still in shambles. i swore to trevor, ‘friday! by friday this will be cleaned up!’ hmmm…anyway. that will have to wait for another day soon. but this afternoon i dragged a few boxes and tins out of the mess (seriously, there’s no place to work in there at all) and made a few of these bitty flowers. now, i have no experience in making fabric flowers – i just cut strips and made a running stitch (by hand) through the bottom, pulled tight to form the flower, and stitched a button on the middle. i had a plan for these when i started…but now, i kind of just want to have them around to look at. we’ll see.

i am so looking forward to this weekend. some dear friends are moving close to us. craft show. photos. halloween. and even though i don’t love halloween (i only only love the dressing up part, and even then, i only love when people aren’t scary things. does anyone else feel like that?)

have such a happy weekend!


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