thanksgiving leaves…

12 Oct

…we had a really lovely, and extra long, thanksgiving weekend. we were lucky enough to see our families and a few friends and to be fed well. that is always the best part…right? being a stay at home mom, i can sometimes find that the days all start to feel, well, kind of similar – so i’m always really thankful for holidays when T (and anyone else not working!) gets to spend the day with us.

lately, i’ve really been loving raking the leaves. seems like it should be a kind of dreaded task – but for some reason i always feel like i’ve accomplished something big when i can see the grass again and the bags are full (wish i had room in the compost for them all!). good luck with your yards!


One Response to “thanksgiving leaves…”

  1. aga October 13, 2010 at 4:44 am #

    thanks for raking our leaves 🙂

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