final dig…

5 Oct

…we did the final dig of our garden and brought everything in for the season – we were actually really surprised at how much was in that dirt. i definitely feel like the work of gardening is worth it – we’ve had weeks of fresh carrots (that even ella eats…hooray!), a crate full of potatoes now stored in the basement, and many snacks of kohlrabi with salt. not too shabby for our two little raised beds and potato patch. if we can get permission from the person who owns the lot, we have plans to expand for next year – maybe get more people involved and make a huge garden. sounds like a good use of space to me…

(e was so cute too, helping us look for potatoes in the dirt after t had dug them all up already. he went back and hid one for her to find – she was so so proud!)


One Response to “final dig…”

  1. Joy October 6, 2010 at 12:34 am #

    She’s going to be quite the experienced gardener!! and hiding one just for her to find….priceless!

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