birthday birthday…

4 Oct

…i had a wonderful birthday. it was just the perfect amount of being with family, having a festive home, and doing nothing that i love. there were a few lovely gifts received (but i am really amazed, that every year when i get gifts, i open them and feel entirely like the gift givers know me…they are always things that i would pick out. i don’t know why it surprises me that people are always dead on with the things i would like, but it does. happy surprises…). and how do i feel about being 26? well, i don’t often have the opportunity or need to refer to my age – so i spent this last year trying to remember if i was 25 or 26. i suspect the same thing will happen this time around. getting older doesn’t bother me at all (yet), in fact, i’m so looking forward to it. i have a sneaky feeling that things are only going to get better!

thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes…i felt really loved.

oh, and we had waffles with all the fixins, my most favorite meal!


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