rhubarb, take two…

24 Sep

…on monday there arrived a package from T’s grandma. I knew it was coming, but the quantity was a bit of a shocker. so a garbage bag full of rhubarb showed up at our door, and my eyes went big with the thought of what to do with it all. i love rhubarb, so i’m happy just to freeze it and use it over the winter – but you see, i had already harvested our own plants and taken is as much rhubarb as i thought i could use for freezing, jams, sauces, you get it. so anyway, i decided to spread some rhubarb love around in the form of crisp (i wish you all lived here so i could drop one off at your door). i tried out this recipe and declared it to be a winner (though for a pie plate size, i decreased the amount of rhubarb to 3-4 cups and decreased the sugar, flour that goes with it accordingly. i left the amount of crust/topping, because, well, there’s never too little of that…)

…it took me until today to cut it all up – so if you live here, don’t worry, the crisp-given’ aint over yet…

try it though. it’s so delicious.

happy friday!


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