cookies with…

22 Sep

…grandpa and grandma came for the day – and they brought the best thing of all. cookies…

…and icing…

a happy child was made.

and in other news – i am part of ‘kid’s clothing week’ over at the elsie marley blog. a few times a year she holds a week where those participating spend about an hour a day making clothes for their own kids. i really like the idea because, well, i do a lot of sewing, but not much of it is for ella. i made these pants for her yesterday. they are from a basic pants pattern (which i really need to modify, since she’s no longer in diapers and doesn’t need that huge pants bum anymore) with big side pockets and a polka dot cuff. she likes them, but no longer wants her picture taken (or maybe just today, who knows). the only way i could get a picture of these was to tell her she could stand on the chair. sheesh.


One Response to “cookies with…”

  1. kristamarie6 September 22, 2010 at 2:31 pm #

    I think you forgot to mention that sweet tiger sweater e is wearing. Are there stars coming out of its ferocious growl? Amazing.

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