1 Sep

…we were lucky to attend ella’s friend E’s birthday party this weekend – and so the making of a gift was in order.  there are times when people ask me how and why i always (almost always) make presents…well, for me it goes like this. even though technically it might feel ‘faster’ to go out and buy something – i generally don’t like shopping in the first place, and especially not when there’s the added pressure of needing to find just the right thing. i often spend extra time racking my brain for what to buy in the first place, then go from store to store looking for it. i don’t know – i just find the whole process really uninspiring. so instead, i choose to go with the first idea that comes to me, take an hour or so  and make something one of a kind, and something i really love – and love to give away. for me, that beats shopping any day.

this wasn’t the gift we gave away – but ella saw said gift before i could wrap it up and decided that she should have one too. so we made a similar doll together – ella picking out the fabrics and trims and colors. in the end we named her penny, which is said more like ‘penna’ by ella, which for some reason i find really halarious…

…penny had to have some feathers in her hair, just like ella (and just like the birthday girl…fair is fair)…

…’penna’ is getting lots of love around here – just like any new doll should…

happy middle of the week everyone!


One Response to “penny…”

  1. shauna September 1, 2010 at 4:19 pm #

    love it!!!
    you should put feather hair accessories on your etsy site.

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