thrifting, around the house…

16 Aug

…we’ve had a lovely weekend here…

when we did a giant purge of our stuff a coupe months ago (it’s ongoing, i suppose),  i  decided to  go easy on the thrifting for a while (because i am really good at bringing bags of stuff home that is so-cute-i-can’t-resist, yet nothing that we need) – but this saturday we stopped in quickly at our favorite store and i left with some goodies…

…i have a weakness for typewriters. i’ve had it, oh, for maybe the last ten years. this little guy joined the collection…

(and sometimes i buy toys that i like and pretend that ella picked it out. don’t tell)

…i also found a set of these little wooden dolls – and this morning we made them a little cardboard bird’s eye view house to live in. entertainment for all…until e drew on the floor with purple permanent marker…

…and this may just look like a door to a bathroom, but anyone who has been to our house knows that we’ve been missing a door handle for the past three years. three years! so this was a happy happy find…

wishing you a lovely beginning to your week!


2 Responses to “thrifting, around the house…”

  1. appa August 16, 2010 at 3:49 pm #

    who is the sweet little angel in the chair gazing up to the heavens?

    • it's like this, cat August 16, 2010 at 4:06 pm #

      i know right? gotta catch the sweetness while i can…it only comes around a few times a day!

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