21 Jun

…everything is growing like crazy, especially our rhubarb and its giant leaves…

it got really warm today, and around supper time i wasn’t thinking about making supper – i was thinking about this recipe from last summer and if we had everything on hand to make it. i’m not usually a fancy drink kind of person, but we had them along with our waffles and waldorf salad (i guess i had really no idea what this salad was actually called…my dad used to make it with marshmallows and call it surprise salad…) and they were yummy and bubbly (which ella did not appreciate) and a strange texture because i have little patience and didn’t strain the rhubarb….

…i think next time, maybe on a cooler day, i would make muffins instead with all that rhubarb. good thing there’s plenty more in the back…

(and yes, for those of you who know me well…that is a skirt i’m wearing)

ps-i’ll be out of town some days this week…so it may be a little sporadic around here. have a great week, and check back on me soon~


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