a park kind of day…

17 Jun

…there are lots of times when we visit the park when i love to just sit on a bench and watch the goings-on. but today, with mosquitos out in full force, i just couldn’t stay on the grass. so ella had to endure me, flinging myself across this playground, and bumping down the slide (clearly not made for an adult)…

and one park just wasn’t enough…we also made it to the water park by the river, where e wore her towel the whole time. seems like she’d rather watch the other kids there than get soaked herself. oh my, a people watcher just like me…

…we’re just glad to be outside…


One Response to “a park kind of day…”

  1. Joy June 17, 2010 at 11:02 pm #

    it’s hard to believe that you had nice enough weather to go outside today. It’s been raining raining raining here…..kind of monsoonish. ah yes…mosquitos…a good excuse for swearing!

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