bath time re-do…

16 Jun

…little e loves taking baths. every evening, for about an hour (or more!), this is where you can find her. she likes to have water running and toys floating and to fill up a big cup of cold water and splash it in your face. yep, special times…

…but there are some things about bath time that get to me. example one: it seems that all the little plastic detritus from around the house ends up in the bath, and later, under the tub and on the floor of the tiny tiny bathroom. i’m not crazy about plastic toys to begin with and i really don’t like having to pick them up(or just look at them, ha!) daily. i’ve always tried to think of ways to have un-plastic bath toys…but nothing ever came to me- until i stumbled across this shop and her wooden bath toys. i never would have thought. anyway, it inspired me today and out went a load  of plastic  from tub-toy-storage. hopefully, in will go some tin cups and stones (oh, i can just imagine the noise that will make…) and other slightly more natural goodies. i was thinking though, and honestly – all i remember ever having in the bath as a kid was a washcloth (i know there must have been toys, right, mom?)…do you remember anything from the tub days?

…and example number two: we’ve been using the same towels since ella was a baby. why? i don’t know. laziness. obviously, they are much too small for her and we end up using two. it’s silly. so today i whipped up this towel for her (hooded of course) from an old, soft towel on the inside, and a piece of stretch cotton on the outside. when i was done i presented it to her like it was the greatest thing on earth, then wrapped her up in it and she fell asleep. so to me, this is a magic towel…

…don’t let the face fool you. she loooves it…

happy bath time…


One Response to “bath time re-do…”

  1. shauna June 16, 2010 at 12:46 pm #

    we had these little stuffed animals that were made for the bath. And they changed colour in the hot water. Ask T if he remembers those!

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