4 Jun

…seems that i’ve been slacking off on my regular sewing projects (no wait, slacking off makes it sound like i feel bad about it, which i don’t), and instead making these little creatures. i can’t seem to help myself…

…and i think in a way, i kind of love that they look sort of tragic. those eyes at half mast and the little down-turned mouths…

…and this is just a handful of the creatures inhabiting my sewing room. and what am i going to do with them, you ask? well…erm…i’m not sure yet. i don’t always think these things through before i end up making 30 little stuffies. but i think that’s for the best – it’s always the having-to-do-it part that takes away the fun. but to be honest, i am part of an artist’s village at a community festival at the end of the month – so maybe i will take these along with me, and perhaps someone would like to give them a good home…

…thanks for peeking into my secret sewing. have yourself such a great weekend!…


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