a deserted park…

7 May

…it was a day of pink socks, cold fingers, toques, and bakery pizza…

…and despite this weather, we figured, we’re gonna play outside darnit!…

…and, well, i don’t know what this says about me (or maybe i do, but i’m okay with it…) – but i always feel so relieved when we get to a park and there’s no one there. oh how i love a deserted park. i think when we’re there by ourselves i get to feel like it’s a break – and i don’t have to have my eagle eye out for who pushed who down the slide. i get to show ella little pieces of bark, and we imitate the bird sounds, and build twig houses…

…we spot airplanes in the sky and fill up the stroller basket with acorns and she attempts to catch me at the bottom of the slide…

…and with our mittens back on and stomachs full of white chocolate apricot scone (seriously though, if there ever was a scone i was more in love with…) we packed up all of our park-found treasures and made our way, slowly (because there’s always more treasures along the way, don’t you know?), home…


One Response to “a deserted park…”

  1. shauna May 9, 2010 at 7:07 am #

    ha ha. How did the slide catching go?

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