sticks and stones…

3 May

…all this rain is turning my brain into a swirly-soup. i’m not even sure what happened this weekend…hmmm…let’s see. a little swimming, i sewed a few creatures (do you want to see them?), waffles, soup, the getting of rain barrels (after it stopped raining, of course), picking out seeds (shasta daisies…those will grow in my yard that has yet to grow any flowers….right?), some farmer’s market-ing, sesame cracker making, acupuncture,  visits with family, a fender bender with our car (not our fault, but still…awwww crap), and catching up on favorite tv shows.

seriously though, let’s have this weather shape up so i’m motivated to do something awesome. on the plus side the grass is reeeeally green…

happy  monday to you!


One Response to “sticks and stones…”

  1. lindsay May 3, 2010 at 9:54 pm #

    here’s hopin for some nice sunny days.

    sesame crackers – verdict?
    rain barrels – i’d love to hear more.

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