wee model…

5 Feb

…ever since i started making these little clothes -over a year ago-  i have had a lovely little model. of course, things were easier when she was a non-mobile baby…the clothing went on, picture taken, clothing off – done. (hard to believe she was ever so roly-poly though…) now it’s a little more of an ordeal. little e is old enough to know that i’m up to something whenever i ask her to try something on, but not yet old enough to be willing to do this and think it is fun (someday? maybe?). so the process now involves me somehow getting the clothing on her, and then hopefully T is around to do a funny dance and distract her while i very very quickly take as many pictures as i can, and maybe one will turn out. that’s okay, one is all i need. so here are a few of my favorites, peppered with a few outtakes (don’t worry, as soon as things turn sad, the clothes very very quickly come off, and all is returned to normal…)

…you are so lovely little e, and you make those clothes look so darn cute. thank you thank you…


One Response to “wee model…”

  1. Joy February 5, 2010 at 3:13 pm #

    oohhhhh she is growing up soooo fast. I too forgot how roly and kissable she was and still is… although she may soon enough start wiping off those kisses! It’s interesting to see the progression of ages and stages and realize that she’s becoming her own little person…..great job!

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