29 Oct

…so, every once in a while that natural urge to change things comes along – and usually in the form of me saying:

‘okay, either we move or i paint something’.

and then a project like this happens…(it will only take a few weeks, i thought)

ella 2495and i decide to take the siding off the house (and put ella to work too)

ella 2278

(pile of offending faux-brick siding)…and eventually things looked a little more like this (months later…)

summerholidays09 010

…and it hasn’t been too long since then, but that urge, it’s a sneaky one. so i decided on a bathroom re-do. no one was with me on the all-white scheme until the very end, but i love it…

october09 318

october09 319

october09 320

…see what i mean about the red? it’s sneaking into everything…


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